Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our 2021 Youth Education Summit. During this year’s event we will tackle current social justice issues and breaking the cycle of ongoing violence in black communities. We have a panel of great speakers all of whom are well respected leaders in their communities, each with a strong following of supporters .The Youth Education Summit is a virtual/live stream event and will be promoted and shared with the supporters of G.R.I.E.V.E and our panelists, we anticipate a large turnout this year. Here below is a snapshot of audience reach for this event:

Minister Abdul Makik Sayyid Muhammad (Keynote Speaker)
Independent Following/Audience:75k
[Instagram: 25.8k, Facebook: 2k, Twitter: 10.8k, Mosque #27, Pod-cast) ]

Trina Newby, CEO of Women About Biz (Host)
Independent Following/Audience: 20k
[Women About Biz supporters, Successful Woman Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio platform]

Betty Maddox Battle, GRIEVE Founder/CEO (Panelist)
Independent Following/Audience 2k:
[G.R.I.E.V.E INC. Supporters, Mosque #27]

Gerald Rose, New Order Human Rights Organization Supporters Founder (Panelist)
IndependentFollowing/Audience: 3k
[New Order National Human Rights Organization Supporters, Facebook 1.9k followers-1958 supporters (likes)]

Cherry Willis, RN BSN | NAACP Executive Committee Member (Panelist)
Independent Following/Audience:10k
[NAACP Dekalb County Branch Supporters, Facebook 2.5k followers-2.2k supporters (likes)]

Rev. Dr. Herman E. Haynes, Jr. (Panelist)
Independent Following/Audience: 20k
[Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church Supporters, Facebook 1.9k followers-1958 supporters (likes)]

Iffat M. Walker Founder & Executive Director, Community Action NOW & Author (Panelist)
Independent Following/Audience:10k
[We Are Bounded LLC Supporters, Business Network, Instagram: 1.7k followers]

Your support during this year’s event will aid in providing our attendees the opportunity to participate in free mental health wellness workshops targeting the most prevent issues in under served black communities. Funds raised will also support G.R.I.E.V.E’s programs and operations.

Please review the sponsorship donations packages below and make your selection. Grieving Relatives In Every Violent Event is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. All sponsorship donations will receive ‘charitable donations’ receipt for tax purposes.We thank you for donation and support.